Coaltrans, is the single largest reputable conference for the Coal industry in Indonesia, which offers a dynamic platform for stakeholders, market leaders, and even industry experts to exclusively meet and discuss most pressing issues in this specific sector. Coal is playing an increasingly pivotal role since it is predicted that it will surpass oil as an energy source in the near future. Therefore, to cater to the demand for updated information and networking at a very high level, in this emerging and highly volatile industry, a highly focused discussion in the form of a Conference is imperative for the World’s largest exporter of Termal coal.

This event brings an extensive pool of ideas, which deliberately allows invigorating critical development of coal market. By featuring high level networking with the key producers, shippers, and traders, it is envisaged to be able to explore opportunities and observe market trends for the present as well as forecast the drivers and focus points for the immediate future. In addition, many notable speakers would convey a wealth of information and provide impetus to the growth of potential mining projects.